Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Rats, raccoons or bats a problem in your attic? Armadillos and moles digging up your yard?

We answer all types of Florida animal control calls including opossums, armadillos, squirrels, snakes and moles. If your problem has wings, we handle bee, wasp and bird control as well as nuisance duck and bat calls too. We can provide an animal control solution for almost any nuisance critter. And Nuisance Wildlife Removal always uses humane trapping methods and relocates animals as allowed by law.

Our licensed and insured professional wildlife trappers will come to your home or business, inspect the property, determine what type of nuisance animal is causing your problems and take the steps necessary to provide the full animal control service and/or animal trapping method needed to keep your home, family and property safe. When the wildlife has invaded your home - in addition to the wildlife trapping and animal removal services we offer - Nuisance Wildlife Removal can provide animal proofing and exclusion services as well as attic restoration if needed.

We specialize in several areas of Florida animal control including bat control and removal, snake removal, raccoons in the attic or squirrels in the ceiling. Call us for more information about our full service animal control, trapping and exclusion methods that will help get rid of the critters in your attic or anywhere else!

Sometimes you don't hear noises in your attic or wall, but you sure can smell it! Nuisance Wildlife Removal can locate the dead animal inside your building, remove it and use an enzyme in the surrounding areas to help eliminate the odor completely.

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